B-Up Serena Chemise with Shelf Bra

B-Up Serena Chemise with Shelf Bra

If there’s one thing I don’t like about having large breasts, it’s the fact that no matter what, I can’t ever go without a bra. Even at night, I still like to have support, so I’m always looking for a tank top with a shelf bra to wear under my shirt. However, I don’t like the bulkiness, so sometimes I’ll settle for a sports bra. But recently, I have found that pajamas are being made with shelf bras, for ladies like me, who need the support. Shelf bras are simply an interior bra in a ladies garment that has an a soft, typically unformed pouch with an elastic band at the base that offers light support, and lift for women’s breasts. The benefits of having a shelf bra in your sleeepwear is to ensure that you are not rolling over on/squishing your breast tissue while you sleep, they also offer an enhanced look to your loungewear, as well as help prevent droopy or saggy breast tissue.

Once I found out that there were pajamas that came with shelf bras, I was hooked. However some are very uncomfortable, and really very unflattering. I believe that even at night, you should feel pretty, and even though throwing on an oversized shirt and pair of boxers is comfortable, it definitely isn’t an outfit I want to wear if I know I will have company. I wanted support from my pajamas, but also style. Is this too much to ask?

The pajama line at the top of my list for having amazing pajamas with built in shelf bras is B-Up. Not only do they make all of their pajamas out of a blend of cotton and modal to create the softest, lightweight pajamas possible, but they also make such great, flattering pajamas for women of all shapes and sizes. B*Up designer loungewear is definitely fashion forward, which makes them awesome for every woman to have for herself and also a great gift idea. Even B-Up’s pajamas that don’t have a full built in shelf bra always at least have an elastic support band under the bust offering light support and shaping. This is a great thing for any lady with any bust size. Who doesn’t want to have the girls perked up in a comfortable way?

As the holidays are rolling in, I know that I will be giving all the ladies in my family B*Up pajamas as presents. It is an easy, practical present for my family, which is what we all try to give each other every year. However, this line is so great, it will be a gift that they will really enjoy, and will last them a long time. The cotton/modal blend fabric is definitely a nice spin on the flannel we usually exchange around the holidays.

The line is still under the radar, making it very affordable! They deserve recognition for producing pajamas that are comfortable, offer light support, look good on women, and pajamas that women want to wear. Combine all that with the great price, and it makes this line of loungewear a must have for any woman. Shop the full line of B-Up sleepwear and other great loungewear at Avec L’amour.

C. Lizbeth

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